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A Podcast About A Better Future.

We’ve all been expecting a techno dystopia, a world shattered by climate change and deadened by social media. But what if the reverse is true?

In short, Technotopia is a book about the future and how things will get better, not worse, in the next 100 years.

“Yearly reminder: unless you’re over 60, you weren’t promised flying cars. You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia. Here you go,” wrote Kyle Marquis in February 2015.

For most of my life Marquis’ words rang true. I saw the future as a slide into darkness, all Blade Runner and dirty bombs. But we are living in an era of unprecedented access to information and increasingly improved access to the resources needed to build a better world.

“All is not peaches and cream – yet – but I argue it will get there.”

This book is an examination of everything, from Bitcoin to VR, that will change our lives for the better. I will interview thinkers, makers, and doers and I’ll speak to people from all walks of life.

I want to tell a story in which we thrive instead of just survive. Technotopia will be that story.